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Surface Design,
Wallpaper, Fabric & Original Art.

Design inspired by love of modern art and the comfort of being in your own home.

The 'Cozy Cupboard' collection finds inspiration from my charmingly chaotic cupboard, where wonky-stacked cups cozy up with mismatched charm, and fuzzy textiles that warm hearts and toes.  

Nested Heart's original collection of wallpapers and fabrics is a jubilant celebration of classic design infused with bold, unexpected, and whimsical twists. Immerse yourself in a world where traditional designs receive a playful and edgy makeover.

This collection honors the essence of classic design motifs, infused with exhilarating bursts of dopamine-inducing color, pattern, and whimsy. From intricate floral prints with vibrant pops of color to captivating hand-drawn illustrations, each piece beckons you to embrace the unexpected and infuse your space with unique charm.

Whether you're revitalizing a breakfast nook, elevating a teen’s bedroom, or simply craving a bright jolt of color in a dull room, Nested Heart's original fabrics and wallpapers are designed to inspire creativity and ignite joy. Embrace the thrill of the unexpected with this extraordinary collection filled with delightful spins on classic design.

'Real Life Modern'—a Nested Heart fabric and wallpaper design collection that seamlessly merges modern and retro aesthetics, tailor-made for boldly styled bistros, cozy coffee and tea shops, chic boutiques, and relaxed modern family homes.

Step into a realm where contemporary chic meets vintage charm, as sleek lines intertwine with playful patterns and vibrant hues to craft an atmosphere that's both inviting and effortlessly stylish. Whether adorning statement-making upholstery in your bistro or transforming a quaint coffee shop with eclectic wallpaper, our designs are crafted to captivate attention and create lasting impressions.

Not just for commercial spaces, the RLM Design line is ideal for crafting laid-back corners in family homes, effortlessly blending modern-inspired aesthetics with cozy comfort. From bold geometric prints to whimsical retro motifs, each piece in this collection infuses personality and flair into any setting, ensuring your space exudes character and charm.

Images and designs by RL Mahacek - RLM | Nested Heart Designs - 2024 all rights reserved

It's all about the love of color

Meet the Designer




Hi. I'm Robin, the owner and designer behind RLM | Nested Heart Design brands. I'm excited to be sharing all the new things I have been working on these past many wonderful changes coming your way!

Be on the lookout for RLM | Nested Heart fabrics and wallpaper collections, as well as original art prints and specialty gifts.

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A newsletter is on the horizon. Let me know if you would be interested in what's happening in my 'Nest' of the world and I'll send you an invite to join. 

Thanks for your interest, friend! I'll keep you in the know.

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