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Nested Heart Fabric & Wallpaper 

Nested Heart's original collection of wallpapers and fabrics is a jubilant celebration of classic design infused with bold, unexpected, and whimsical twists. Immerse yourself in a world where traditional designs receive a playful and edgy makeover.

This collection honors the essence of classic design motifs, infused with exhilarating bursts of dopamine-inducing color, pattern, and whimsy. From intricate floral prints with vibrant pops of color to captivating hand-drawn illustrations, each piece beckons you to embrace the unexpected and infuse your space with unique charm.

Whether you're revitalizing a breakfast nook, elevating a teen’s bedroom, or simply craving a bright jolt of color in a dull room, Nested Heart's original fabrics and wallpapers are designed to inspire creativity and ignite joy. Embrace the thrill of the unexpected with this extraordinary collection filled with delightful spins on classic design.

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